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Oh Sir!! The Insult Simulator Review

Hello Boys and Girls today I am going to be reviewing Oh Sir!! The Insult Simulator.

This game was released in 2016 on PC and Phones but was ported over to the Playstation In 2017, It is published by Gambitious Digital Entertainment and developed by Vile Monarch and basically this game Is insulting each other, thats right insulting your opponent. But when we say insult It’s nothing to seriously It’s actually very funny how you have to do It for example It is a turn base game where there will be words on the wall where you and your opponent have to choose from to insult each other so one of the classics Is “Your mother is a Hamster”

So from what I’ve played so far there was 5 characters to chose from with some unlockerable ones as well and 5 enviroments to play on which I will show some pictures at later on, with this game you can have hours of fun trying to insult your opponent which can be the computer, local multiplayer and online that’s right this game has online play features which for a small indie game is pretty cool in my eyes and also has crossplay feature on the Playstation so you can go against someone on the PS Vita.

So lets talk about the characters on this game, all characters are different In their own way and also have different weaknesses.

Mr J Shufflebottom – Is a british chap that thinks Is very fashionable but hates being told about this style of clothing.

Sir Knight – Is a British guy that is very old fashioned and Isn’t very hip or down with the kids shall we say so the modern world is very strange to him.

Mrs Maggie – Is one of the three starting characters (Along with Shufflebottom and Knight) In this game and Is one of the oldest characters and doesn’t like being told about being old and that she is going to kick the bucket.

There are more characters but I won’t mention them as they are unlockables and I wouldn’t want to ruin the game for anyone now would I.


Okay so there Is 5 Enviroments to this game where you can play against each other and playing In each enviroment can give you different insults for example Pet Shop will give you animal insults to use where ER would give you Organs to use.

I will post pictures of 4 enviroments not showing the last one with it being Unlockable.

Pet Shop


This enviroment takes place in a Pet Shop which features a “hopefully” not a dead parrot on the table.

By The Lake


So this enviroment is called By The Lake which has arguging at the lakeside featuring a dead guy holding their cups of tea.

Train Compartment

unnamed 3

So this level you are aruguing in a train comparment fighting over a 1st Class Ticket.


unnamed 4

And in this Enviroment you are fighting over a Liver that you both need before one of you can die.


In one of the pictures I noticed it featured the learn grammer sign which is basically if your sentance doesn’t make sense then you will lose 3HP for even clicking on that word to add to your sentence.

What I Think About This Game?

Okay so this game is very complex for a small game It wasn’t very big to download off the Playstation store I’d say it was 500mb and only cost me £3!

With that said there is alot to do on this game there is a training mode where they learn you to insult other people as well as a quick argument game mode and a tournment mode where you keep going and going till you reach the end which is the boss of the game.

I think the developer has been very smart with this game as its complex, 8 bit graphics gives is a nostialic feeling and is also with the times as one insult has the game overwatch In It and also mentions Star wars and Windows Vista.

With this all being said I’m going to give this game a 4/5 Stars as I actually enjoyed playing this game and I can see me playing this in the near future.


Once again thanks for reading people hope It hasn’t been to boring you and hopefully will do another review very soon! (Links at the bottom)

Oh Sir The Insult Simulator –  Youtube Trailer

Buy on Steam! – Buy Here! (Pc)

PS4! – Buy Here!


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