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Dion DiMucci Sues Fallout 4

Hey guys and gals thought I’d write how I feel on the whole Dimucci Sueing Zenimax and Fallout. 

So Dion Dimucci has decided to sue Zenimax for inappropriate use of the song as he feels it is repugnant and morally indefensible images designed to appeal to young consumers.

Okay so I can agree with what he’s saying he feels like its tarnishing his song but the commericals came out in 2015 it is now 2017 why only react to this now? 

I’ve got 2 answers (they can both be wrong) 

1. Money! 

Dion is running low on money so he thought he’d make a quick buck by suing the company for using it in their adverts but he should be greatful as it gave the song alot of publicity so much even I bought the song off Itunes for 99p! And I know I won’t be the only one to of done that so we would of made money there, plus he would of given permission for them to use the song within the game or it wouldn’t be featured   So maybe he hasn’t got a leg to stand on. 

2. Gameplan! 

As we know Bethseda have upcoming plans with future releases one being Fallout VR

So maybe this is all a plan to get Bethseda at a talking point with people so Fallout becomes popular within the media again bumping prices on preowned copies as well as new copies and making more money for the company. 

Either way I think it sucks that their being sued cause It’s a great game and that song actually makes the game so much. 

Below is the Trailer that is being Sued I’ve copied the link from IGN’s page so watch it and see for youself.

Anyway comment and let me know what you think about this situation would love to hear what you guys think 🙂 

Images and Video was used from: 

Mr Krabs is a Character from the cartoon Spongbob Squarepants Owned by Nickelodeon.

I don’t take any creditability for pictures or video used on this page they are used for reference only. 

Thanks for reading people Let me Know what you think! 


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