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Steamworld Dig Review!

Hello people It's been a while since I've done a review but here goes this Is the game that I'm playing at the moment on the PlayStation so I will give it talk down and tell you all about It. What Is the Game?.... Steam World Dig is a 2D platform game that revolves around… Continue reading Steamworld Dig Review!

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PS4 or Xbox?….

Hello boys and girls Today I'm going to talk about one question I hear a-lot in shops, friends, work colleges and so on which is PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. So the Xbox one was released in November 2013 where it was previewed and shown to people at Microsoft's own press conference showing people the… Continue reading PS4 or Xbox?….

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PS4 Controller Thumbstick Replacement 

Hello people just giving a quick blog post on my day off to tell you about replacing the thumbsticks on a PS4 controller now It seems dawn-ting to do but It's actually pretty easy. Now before I carry on I didn't replace them on my own I had help from this guide so give them… Continue reading PS4 Controller Thumbstick Replacement 

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2 New Games 

Hey people just to let you know I've got 2 new games which hopefully reviews will be coming soon for them  Check back soon! 

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Coffin Dodgers Review

Hello and welcome to my review of Coffin Dodgers on Playstation 4. So this game is developed by an Indie company called Milky Tea Studios and is bascially a Racing game. Okay so what is Coffin Dodgers?... Welcome to a suburban retirement village where all is not as it seems… After settling down to recover… Continue reading Coffin Dodgers Review