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Mount & Blade Warband Review

Hello Boys and Girls So did everyone have a good Christmas? I know I did but the show must go on and here comes my latest review, Mount and Blade Warband. Okay, so this was in the Playstation Sale for about £4 which made me get it saving £15! About The Game?... Okay so this… Continue reading Mount & Blade Warband Review

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Evil Apples – App Review

Hey Peeps Today I'm going to be reviewing this game that I've been playing with my friends and Girlfriend and it's a blast. It's called Evil Apples and basically, it's Cards Against Humanity but on your phone and you can play it online or locally with your friends or other people around the world. So… Continue reading Evil Apples – App Review

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Who Build The Moon? Review

Hello Boys and Girls and today I'm going to be giving my views and thoughts on Noel Gallagher's new album Who Build The Moon? So I bought this from HMV the other day not a bad price for the deluxe edition only £12 shame there's only one bonus track and a art booklet your paying… Continue reading Who Build The Moon? Review

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5 Music Bands/Artists You Thought Wouldn’t Be Your Thing But Actually Is…

Hello Boys and Girls Thought I would do a little blog post on Music while I'm currently waiting for the postman to deliver my new addition to the Xbox gaming. So These are 5 Bands/Artists that I first saw and thought not my thing until I actually gave them a listen and a go and… Continue reading 5 Music Bands/Artists You Thought Wouldn’t Be Your Thing But Actually Is…

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Instagram Is A Go Go!

Hello People Just a quick post saying that I've made a new Instagram Profile where I will be posting pictures of what I'm blogging about, gaming, music and all kinds of stuff I would of used my personal one but I would I'd try and be a little professional anyway link is below give it… Continue reading Instagram Is A Go Go!

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Adventure Communist – App Review

Hello Boys and Girls Today I'm going to be reviewing a App that is on the Ios and Andriod device market called Adventure Communist, now with this game I just randomly saw it advertise inside another game I was playing at the time and thought I'd give it a go and well for some reason… Continue reading Adventure Communist – App Review

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Justice League Review

Hello Boys and Girls! It's time for a Movie Review! Seen I went the cinema last night to watch the Justice League, now I was looking forward to watching this as One of my favourite superheroes is Batman (Ben Affleck is still growing on me as Batman) but I've watched all the Batman films and… Continue reading Justice League Review

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Road Rage Review (Xbox One)

Hello people! Its been ages and I mean ages since I've done a gaming review (I Blame Call of Duty 100%) but I saw this game while back and it reminds me so much of Road Rash on the PS1, So I had to buy it to see if I got that nostalgia feeling when… Continue reading Road Rage Review (Xbox One)

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Big Nothing Film Review

Hello people!!! It's been ages since I've written A blog post so hopefully, I will get back on It as much as I can. Now I and the girlfriend watched this film the other night (I know It's a bit late) but gotta say it's a pretty good film. Okay so the plot is: The… Continue reading Big Nothing Film Review

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The Darkness – Pinewood Smile

Hello People! Today I'm going to review The Darkness's Latest album Pinewood Smile, now I've been listening to this on and off for the past 2 days with working and gaming and I can say this album Is great to have In the background to listen to It has everything you need Rock, Soft, High… Continue reading The Darkness – Pinewood Smile